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Homes use about 40% of energy and materials. How you remodel can make a difference. Green remodeling creates positive impact on the environment and our economy. Green materials used in remodeling can save energy needed to heat and cool your home. Since most of energy is still produced by the burning of fossil fuels, green materials reduce air pollution, smog and global warming.

If all residential windows in the U.S were replaced with ENERGY STAR products, we would save $7 billion in energy costs over next 15 years. Over the same time, the reduction in carbon dioxide emission from the purchases would be equivalent to reducing gasoline consumption by 120 billion gallons, taking 17 million cars off the road or preserving 142 million acres of trees.

Not only do green products protect our environment, but they also protect your wallet by saving you money on utility bills. Plus, these new green technologies help keep you comfortable in your home year round.

Additionally, by buying energy efficient green remodeling products, you help create jobs in the clean energy sector.

Clearly, green remodeling and green materials are a smart choice. Do your part in protecting our environment, reducing air pollution, and creating jobs. At the same time, you will reduce your energy bills and improve the quality of life by increasing comfort in your home.

Vinyl windows. Green for life.

Check the facts.

Green ingredients.

Vinyl windows begin with ingredients from nature. Vinyl window profiles are produced from vinyl resin. Chlorine (57% of it) is used to produce vinyl resin. Did you know that chlorine is derived from common salt which is a sustainable and abundant natural resource?

Energy savings.

Energy efficient windows help reduce fuel consumption needed to heat and cool homes. Lower energy consumption leads to lower carbon dioxide emissions and cleaner air. Plus, vinyl windows can save you money on energy bills.

Reduced electricity usage.

A study conducted by Franklin Associates found that using vinyl over alternative framing options saves the U.S. nearly two trillion BTUs of energy per year - enough to meet the yearly electrical needs of 20,000 single-family homes.

Virtually maintenance-free.

You will never have to paint your vinyl windows. This will help eliminate paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from entering the environment.


Vinyl can be reprocessed into recycled products repeatedly. Scrap is routinely recycled into other vinyl products. In fact, 99% of the vinyl used by processors goes into a finished product.

Durability equals long service life.

High quality vinyl windows have a long service life. They are so durable that vast majority of them installed over the past 25 years are still in use. At the end of their long life - like all vinyl - can be recycled. 1

Vinyl manufacturers.

Over the decades, vinyl manufacturers have perfected the production process and achieved optimal material use and minimal waste in production.

Your windows can be green, too.

If the idea of green windows is appealing to you, look no further and contact us. Seven Sun Windows makes every effort to help you save energy and environment, while improving the quality of life in your home. We are proud to do business with manufacturers who simply care about the future of our planet. Our manufacturer Alside is one of the leaders in the green building industry.

Some of the green facts about Alside:

  • Alside windows are exceptionally energy-smart and weather tight.
  • More than eight million pounds of window profile is diverted from landfills annually thanks to successful buy-back program initiated by window manufacturers like Alside*
  • All scrap vinyl and glass is recycled.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials are used in Alside warehouse facilities.
  • Alside automotive fleet was ranked 36 in the top 50 Green Fleets in the U.S. for 2008 by Automotive Fleet Magazine. This award recognizes companies that are working to deploy vehicles that reduce pollutants and realize better overall gas mileage.

*A Clear View-Vinyl Windows and the Environment. American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) & The Vinyl Institute (VI). March 2007