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Imagine a living room with only furniture - just a couch, a coffee table, some easy chairs and end tables. That's all. No rug on the floor, no pictures on the walls, no photographs on the tables, no plants near the window. No candles, knickknacks or floral arrangements to be seen. Not even a magazine on the coffee table. If you walked into such a room, your immediate impression would be, "Something's missing!" And you'd be right. In fact, a lot of "things" are missing, things that transform a functional room into a beautiful, comfortable and pleasant home.

What's missing, of course, are decorative details - the accent objects people add to give a room interest, appeal and individuality. And what's true for interior decoration is also true for exterior design - it's the details, the added accents that distinguish a home from those around it.

Alside Premium Vinyl Siding can add beauty, protection and value to your home. But it's the details - the use of decorative trim and accessories - that will add the lasting distinction.

All it takes is a little creativity

Imagine how you can change the look of your home by using one or more of the design ideas. Use an idea exactly as you see it. Or combine several ideas to create an exterior detail that's distinctly you. And don't worry - you can do it. The details that brighten your living room are all the proof.

Window Trim

One of the first things people notice about home's exterior are the windows. In a sense, windows are like pictures or photographs on a wall - they create specific points of interest within an otherwise massive surface. These points of interest - the accents - are the basic building blocks of an exterior design. When the choice of window trim complements your siding, the result is a pleasing, unified exterior design.

Look for ways to unify a design using similar elements. Here, the bold vertical lines created by TrimWorks® 3 1/2" lineal complement the distinctive lines created by dutch lap siding.

When selecting details keep proportions in balance. The impact of this massive window area, for example, is augmented by the bold lines of the 5" TrimWorks lineal used to frame it. Using a contrasting color for the window trim accentuates the boldness of the frame.

Doors and Entryway Trim

Visitors see the trim around doors frequently and up close. That makes door trim one of the most important exterior design decisions you can make. And, in most cases, it's more than a single decision. You may, for example, choose a more impressive trim to set off a main entrance, but prefer less dramatic treatments for secondary entrances.

Consider different ideas for the trim around garage doors too. If you have a "premium" door - for instance, a door with raised panels or with decorative window inserts - you may want to consider a bold trim installation to "frame" the accents and maintain appropriate visual balance.

Finally, don't forget trim for entry ways - the wall and ceiling areas that lead to your doors. The use of vertical siding, beaded soffit and accessories such as crown molding can give your home a custom designed look.

This elegant front entrance is set off with TrimWorks 5" fluted lineal used as a main frame and TrimWorks 3 1/2" ineal used to frame the side and transom lights.

Adding Corners

Corners - especially outside corners - help define the proportions of a home. And because they define proportions, the creative use of corner treatments can influence the "apparent size" of your home (the visual impression it creates as opposed to its actual measurements). Bold corner treatments, for example, add lines of vertical emphasis to a wall, encouraging a viewer's eyes to look up. It's an excellent way to create a sense of height. Similarly, narrow corner treatments tend to accentuate a wall's horizontal lines.

7" fluted corner post with foam insert helps balance the mass of the garage door. The door itself is framed with 5" smooth lineals.

The vertical dimensions of this home are magnified by the use of TrimWorks fluted corner posts at primary corners. The resulting bold vertical lines help create an impression of soaring height.

The cues from existing features. A standard 4" corner post and narrow shutter help create a pleasing sense of proportion in the tight area between window and building corner.

You will also have an option to use either 3-piece or 1-piece beaded corner post with foam insert. 3-piece corner shown above.

Choosing Soffit, Gable Walls and Dormers

Here's an easy way to change the look of your home - use different siding styles to define specific wall areas. Ornamental shake and scallop siding are often used to add distinction on gable ends and dormer walls.

This coastal home uses Alside's Board & Batten® white siding along with Pelican Bay Shakes in Ivy color, creating a beautiful, dramatic appearance.

Board & Batten siding combined with Pelican Bay Shake and Scallops to create bold, beautiful lines at gable ends, entry ways and other areas where you want to emphasize vertical details.

In elaborate design, Charter Oak soffit is used both as a vertical siding and an eave finish. Aeration openings, hidden in the grooves, allow air flow at the eave.

Give porch ceilings classic style and lasting elegance by using a richly detailed panel such as Greenbriar Beaded premium soffit.

Selecting Trim Boards and Special Accents

Don't overlook the use of simple lines as a means of adding distinction to an exterior design. Details such as rake boards (which help define the slope of a gable end wall) and band boards (typically used to set off different elevations of a home) are among the most striking design elements you can add.

The dimensions of this home seem to stretch in all directions as a result of the artful use of lines, starting with the 6" band boards that separate the contrasting siding materials. The Mission style window trim reinforces the horizontal emphasis.

The 5" TrimWorks lineals used as band boards help define the elevation of this home while accentuating its horizontal lines. The horizontal lines are further emphasized by the GreenBriar Beaded vertical border at the base of the building and narrow vertical soffit band along the eaves. The one-piece beaded corner posts emphasize the home's vertical dimensions.

TrimWorks crown molding provides an easy and elegant way to finish a vinyl siding installation where it meets brick or stucco walls.
The possibilities are simply endless. Explore your options, use your creativity and ask us for help. Call 1.800.774.0434 or click here to schedule a no-obligation siding quote and consultation.