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What is insulated siding?

Alside insulated siding with Fullback Thermal® Support is a new, more effective approach to home insulation and siding support. It is manufactured of expanded polystyrene in profiles that precisely fit the contour of the siding panel. It provides
exceptional insulating properties, with up to 5 times the R-value of conventional insulation. So you enjoy significantly lower heating and cooling bills. It also keeps your siding looking new by keeping it from sagging, denting or being pulled off the wall by high winds. Plus, it keeps your home quieter. It won't rattle and provides a barrier against outside noise. Yet it won't absorb or retain moisture and can't contribute to mold growth or "sick home syndrome."
How to insulate Your home's exterior
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How will this new technology improve your living?

Energy Savings

Consider this: without insulated siding, energy can leak through the wall studs of your home. On average, studs make up 25% of the wall surface. And typical bat or blown-in insulation goes only between the studs. It's like not insulating one whole wall. Insulated siding wraps your entire home in an unbroken blanket of insulation. And having up to 5 times the R-Value of conventional insulation, insulated siding can lower your utility bills by as much as 20%, on average.

Healthier Home

Insulated siding is 500% more breathable than other insulated systems. This means that it will not support the growth of mold or mildew, or contribute to sick home syndrome. With permeability rating of up to 5.0, Fullback insulated siding does not trap water, therefore it discourages water condensation behind the wall.

The Look and Feel of Solid Wood Siding

Average hallow siding can bow or bend over time. Insulated siding is fully supported to stay rigid. This support helps replicate the look and feel of the freshly painted look and texture of solid wood siding. The long plank lines provide a straighter appearance and perfect shape that will last for the life of your home.


Insulated siding is stronger than conventional siding because it is not hollow. It has 5 times the impact resistance of ordinary siding. You'd have a hard time denting it, even with a hammer. That's how well it stands up to hail and accidents.

Insect resistance

Fullback Thermal Support does more than just save energy; it protects your insulation from insect damage. It is manufactured with PreventolTM TM, a patented, organic molecule additive that discourages termites and carpenter ants from nesting behind the siding. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for this application and is nontoxic and safe to handle.


Insulated siding provides freedom from routine maintenance of wood siding. There's no need for priming, painting, caulking and patching to maintain the beauty of your home. Insulated siding will look like freshly painted wood for years to come. All you will need to do is an occasional rinse with a garden hose.

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