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If details are important, you'll be delighted with Charter Oak® XL. These 16'8" panels are 40% longer than conventional siding panels. That means a cleaner, more attractive finished appearance with fewer overlaps.
Made with only the very best materials

Developing a tough, durable and beautiful vinyl siding such as Charter Oak requires the technical skills of a chemical process engineer and the visual sensibilities of an architect. That's because the premium vinyl used in Charter Oak is more than just a simple PVC resin. It's a proprietary compound, with each ingredient chosen to add specific benefits to the final product.

PureStrenghtTM PVC resin gives Charter Oak its basic strength and weather resistance. It prevents moisture infiltration from rain and humidity, so panels won't rot, warp, shrink or swell. The result is low-cost, easy-care maintenance.

Ti-ShieldTM titanium dioxide prevents ultraviolet degradation, so even hot summer sun won't damage Charter Oak's beautiful surface.

StayRightTM PVC stabilizers also help prevent heat degradation, both during manufacturing and after installation.

TrueShieldTM impact modifiers give Charter Oak exceptional impact resistance, helping to prevent denting and dinging from routine around-the-house activities.

DesignersChoiceTM pigment concentrates are used to produce uniform colors that go clear through Charter Oak panels. You'll never have to stain or paint again, because the color won't wash away.

ChromaTrueTM provides superior fade resistance and weatherability for better performance on darker colors.

Exclusive TriBeamTM System

For unsurpassed rigidity and wind resistance

The unique TriBeamTM system gives Charter Oak superior rigidity, helping to ensure straight course lines and even walls, on both new and existing homes. The result is an exceptionally beautiful installation with the built-in strength to maintain that outstanding appearance. No other siding offers this system.

In strictly controlled laboratory comparisons, Charter Oak remained rigid, while the competition sagged. The photo says it all: with Charter Oak there's simply no comparison.

A rolled-edge nail hem ensures superior resistance to the shearing force of extreme windows. To define extreme, Alside put Charter Oak® to another test. The result: Charter Oak stayed nailed in place in winds reaching intensity of Category 5 hurricane-force windows, the designation used by the National Hurricane Center to identify the most destructive storms.
The classic look of the American home

The quintessential American wood-sided home is distinguished by its details: the profile or shape created by milling - the characteristic grain, or lack of it found in the wood - the depth-defining shadow produced by the underside of the boards. Rich details, authentic details are exactly what you'll find in Charter Oak.

All-American profiles. The traditional clapboard profile is an architectural standard, the most popular siding profile in America. Its clean, simple lines add rich appeal to any home, from grand Victorian to seaside contemporary. Or for an added dimension of interest and appeal, choose an elegant dutch lap profile, distinguished by its graceful cove detailing. Both are available in popular 4 1/2" exposure widths.

Detailed or subtle surface texture. Some homeowners like the look of natural wood grain, and Charter Oak provides it with a detailed texture that looks and feels like the surface of quarter-sawn oak boards. Other homeowners like a softer matte surface, as if the board had been planed rather than sawn. Charter Oak offers that option in the clapboard profile too.

The look of freshly applied paint. To produce the subtle luminosity that suggests a house has just been painted, Charter Oak uses a luxurious low-gloss finish. The look is real, the result is elegant, no matter what color you choose for your home.

Deep, realistic shadow lines.When the sun shines on a Charter Oak installation, you see the importance of realistic shadow lines. They define the individual siding courses, plus they add a dimension of depth. Because Charter Oak is made with a full 3/4" butt (the thickness at the bottom of an exposure), its shadow lines are deep, bold and beautiful.


Glacier White
Antique Parchment
Natural Linen
Platinum Gray
Silver Moss
Coastal Sage
Cape Cod Gray
Mystic Blue
Adobe Cream
Colonial Ivory
Monterey Sand
Vintage Wicker
Tuscan Clay
London Brown (soffit only)

Colors will vary based on user's screen settings. We recommend you make final color selections using astual vinyl samples.


Autumn Red
Harbor Blue

Available in Charter Oak siding,**soffit and Trimworks accessories. *Not available in all areas **Woodgrain finish only

With Charter Oak XXL

It's what you don't see that makes all the difference

Bring out the beauty of your home with Charter Oak XXL reinforced premium vinyl siding. It's more than twice as long as standard siding, 25' to be exact. That means significantly fewer overlaps if any at all. And with fewer overlaps to see, there's much more beauty to appreciate.

The endless look of real wood

Fewer seams than the old-fashioned standard size

It's easy to spot a home with an elegant siding installation. The course lines are straight and smooth. The joint lines - where individual "board" lengths come together - are either non-existent or carefully minimized. The overall appearance is one of uniform, uninterrupted beauty.

Charter Oak Elite

Charter Oak® + Fullback® Thermal Support System = Charter Oak Energy Elite

Charter Oak Energy Elite is an engineered siding system that combines select materials and refined designs with energy efficiency second to none. Fitting snugly behind Charter Oak® siding panels, the FullbackTM Thermal Support System adds superior insulation properties and protection against impact and extreme of weather. It makes panels more rigid and creates a quieter, more comfortable home.
How Fullback insulates and protects

Energy savings

Charter Oak Energy Elite is engineered to provide superior energy efficiency. It has four times the "R"-Value of conventional siding: that's 4.0 on Dutch lap and 3.7 on clapboard profiles. Your energy bills can be as much 20% lower with this engineered wall system.


Low-quality siding installed over flat insulation provides little support, protection or thermal benefits. It's vulnerable to denting, bowing, noise penetration and damage from wind, weather and accidents.

Charter Oak Energy Elite has five times the impact resistance (IR) of ordinary siding. You'd have a hard time denting it, even with a hammer. That's how well it stands up to hail and accidents.

Storm damage typically occurs when wind gets between the siding and the wall, and twists and rips it. Because there is no void behind the siding, Charter Oak Energy Elite eliminates the unobstructed movement of air and solves this problem.

Comfortable interior

Because it is highly insulated, Charter Oak Energy Elite ensures that your furnace and air conditioner work more efficiently, and provide more even heating and cooling in your home throughout the seasons.

Healthier environment

Charter Oak Energy Elite is 500% more breathable than other insulated systems. This means that it will not support the growth of mold or mildew, or contribute to sick home syndrome. Independent laboratory tests also proven that it will not absorb or retain moisture.

Insect resistance

Charter Oak Energy Elite is manufactured with PreventolTM, a patented, organic molecule additive that discourages termites and carpenter ants from nesting behind the siding. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for this application and is nontoxic and safe to handle.

What other homeowners like you think
When asked by an independent research firm what was most important to them when choosing siding, consumers responded:
  • Superior insulation and reduced energy costs
  • Long-lasting "fresh as paint" appearance
  • Resistance to denting, scratching and everyday abuse
  • Resistance to extremes of wind and weather
  • Freedom from routine maintenance