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Local Installer’s Recognized as a Certified Window “InstallationMasters™”
November 8, 2013

Seven Sun Windows, a New Britain, CT window company, has announced that one of its personnel have joined a select group of certified window and door “InstallationMasters™ for new construction and remodeling projects.

“Everyone who is building or remodeling a house should know that, no matter how much they spend on top notch windows, the windows won’t perform properly if they’re not installed correctly,“ explained Zbyszek Zdankiewicz, Owner. “Poor installation techniques can defeat the advantages of the product and result in air water leaks, wasted energy or improper operation.”

To qualify as a certified InstallationMasters™ installer, Zbyszek Zdankiewicz took intensive two-day training course, coordinated locally by National Vinyl Inc., and conducted by InstallationMasters™ accredited instructors. The installer had to demonstrate competency by passing a written test, designed to test the knowledge he gained during the training course. Once he passed the test, he became certified InstallationMasters™.

“It’s true that we already had years of experience in installing windows and doors, but this program brought us up to speed on today’s industry-accepted standards and techniques designed to avoid common installation problems,” said Zdankiewicz. “It was well worth the effort and we’re proud that we can do an even better job in the future”.

“We’re well aware that many people are wary of contractors, given the horror stories you sometimes hear about shoddy workmanship and the negative impacts this has on energy efficiency. This is one way we can show prospective customers that we’re a reputable, reliable resource,” said Zdankiewicz, displaying the official InstallationMasters™ photo ID card.

Consumers can confirm that a window installer is qualified under the InstallationMasters™ program by asking to see his/her ID card, provided by the national program administrator upon successful completion of the exam.

The InstallationMasters™ training and certification program was developed by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), a professional association of some 300 top residential and commercial windows, door and skylight manufacturers and suppliers, which has been recognized for over 60 years as improving product quality and performance standards and installation methods in the window and door industry. Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), the InstallationMasters™ program was launched nationally in 1999 and is capturing the interest of window installers, contractors, builders, and manufacturers nationwide who are the interested in better customer satisfaction. Their interest has a practical side, too, in that better window installation quality means improved energy performance and reduced field service costs for “callbacks” to correct faulty installation.

The educated consumer, in addition to looking for AAMA-certified windows as quality products, will also insist that these products be installed by a certified InstallationMasters™. Installed properly, windows are more likely to perform as they have been designed, tested and certified to perform, with fewer frustrating service calls required to correct problems.

For more information about the InstallationMasters™ training and certification program, contact Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI),
Program Administrator,
at (717) 764-7700,

Or visit the InstallationMasters™ web site at